Deploying the GUI in a juju-core environment

I just proposed a branch of the Juju GUI charm including support for juju-core. Assuming your juju-core environment is named “go”, it is possible to deploy the charm as usual:

juju bootstrap -e go

juju deploy -e go –repository=/my/local/charm/store local:precise/juju-gui

juju expose -e go juju-gui

If you want the charm to expose the newest version of the GUI, you can run:

juju set -e go juju-gui juju-gui-source=lp:juju-gui

As you probably already noticed, it is possible to pass an arbitrary Bazaar branch to juju-gui-source, and this allows for easy debugging changes on the GUI code, especially if those changes involve the interaction between the Juju GUI environment object and the juju-core API server.

Once the Juju environment is created, it is possible to ssh into the Juju GUI machine by running:

juju ssh -e go 1

Here the charm hooks operations are logged in /var/log/juju/unit-juju-gui-0.log.

All the API calls are logged by juju-core, and the logs are stored in /var/log/juju/machine-0.log of the bootstrap node, e.g.:

juju ssh -e go 0

tailf /var/log/juju/machine-0.log