I’ve turned the CI on. What does that mean?

  • Commits to trunk will fire off tests.
  • Failures will send emails to the juju-gui list.
  • To access the Jenkins instance that runs these tests you need Canonical credentials. See docs/continuous-integration.rst in the tree for details.
  • We will have spurious failures. The only ones we have left are because of Canonistack flakiness. Sorry. Retry. We’ll be bringing these failures up with IS when we have more stats.
  • We will have hangs. We can convert most or all of these into failures (I have a sketch), but for now, go to Jenkins, kill the build, and retry.
  • You can run the tests yourself using bin/test-charm in the tree–see docs/continuous-integration.rst.
  • See docs/continuous-integration.rst for information on how to write reliable tests.

I think we’ll declare this CI task complete once we have a few successes under our belts.

What do we want to do later?

  • Reduce spurious failures, by hook or by crook.
  • Convert these tests from CI to gatekeeper, a la tarmac.