Hurrah, this tip is now obsolete.  –fake-series is gone and now is implied by –upload-tools.


Use ‘juju bootstrap ‑‑fake-series precise ‑‑upload-tools’

The longer boring version:

I made some changes to the struct that is returned by an API call but the data being returned was the old version. Nothing worked to ensure I was using the newly built juju. I deleted $GOPATH/bin and $GOPATH/pkg and rebuilt with ‘go build ./… && go install ./…’. At Benji’s suggestion I deleted my S3 control bucket. Nothing worked.

Turns out I had not used ‘‑‑fake-series precise’ when I bootstrapped. So you should do that. Use ‑‑fake-series whether you think you need to or not.

Thanks to Roger for helping me to figure it out and get back to real work.