google web fonts meet UX requirements

UX caught some places where the Ubuntu fonts were not being used. It ended up
that currently, the GUI is only loading the base font size while we needed
medium, bold, and mono as well (hooks content display, readme, etc).

Updating the font api call to include the extra weights ballooned the number of
requests to 5. I checked and I don’t think the tools displaying the readme and
code sources are using the italic versions of the mono so I’ve dropped those.
I also know there’s a standing rule of anti italics because they can be hard
to read. However, the GUI was previously pulling it in so I left italics for
the base and medium font sizes. I dropped it for the bold. This brings it to 3
requests total to bring down all fonts.

This is cached and the files sizes are small, but it still sucks that a change
for UX took up from one request to three. If we could indeed drop all italics
it should go down to two. Maybe we could audit for <em>/italics in the css and
see if we can adjust and drop that.

The settings I’ve setup are here:

Google Fonts

Would I wonder, but don’t see a good way currently, is if we could combine the
fonts we needed into one file to download that includes the various sets. At
least then we can trade file size for the number of requests made.