Weekly update: Matt: start using yuidoc @event?
yuidoc has an @event doc. If we document those that would be nice. Suggest/recommend/require/ignore event documentation?
Jeff +1 on documentation.
Event handlers use @event; event publishers document in the class docs, method docs, or publication block.
gary: what benefit? generally DRY violation. Can we avoid?
jeff: Document what emits events. Publish them instead if possible
benji: @event is about publication, not handling. http://yui.github.io/yuidoc/syntax#event
gary: only publishers?
benji: +1
discussion about topology etc.
gary: @event for something that fires an event: publish is best, fire is next best, class is next best.
jeff: example: http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/widget_js_Widget.js.html#l541