Thanks to Diogo Matsubara, we’ll be migrating to tarmac soon for landing our branches. Meanwhile, we owe more thanks to Aaron Bentley, who made a nice way to integrate rietveld and tarmac: the bzr plugin rvsubmit. We can’t use it until tarmac is turned on, but when you want to give it a whirl, do the following:

cd ~/.bazaar/plugins
bzr branch lp:rvsubmit

Congratulations! You’ve installed the plugin. You can read a bit about the new command with bzr rv-submit --help. Notice that the project does not have a hyphen, but the command does.

When tarmac has actually been set up, our workflow initially will be the following.

lbox propose
(Get the reviews you need…)
bzr rv-submit
(Hope that the fragile test suite passes :-/ )

Other improvements (like supporting pipelines) might come soon, thanks to Aaron! We’ll be working on making the test suite more robust too.