jujucharms.com and Juju GUI 0.8.0

I’m very happy to let you know that we have released the Juju GUI 0.8.0, and that it is powering http://jujucharms.com.

The GUI itself has a lot of incremental improvements and bugfixes in this release, and the UI is even more beautiful and usable. See the bottom of the post for changelog highlights, and see our installation details if you want to know how to use the GUI in your own Juju environment.

However, our biggest news to my mind is that we now have a jujucharms.com that really encourages discovery and exploration. You can find charms; read more details about them; and experiment live to see how they interact within a mock Juju environment. You can even (hidden feature, for now!) use shift-D to export your experiments into a human readable format, and use that to turn your experiments into a real running system in your own Juju environment (see the Juju Deployer).

Charmers, never fear: the features you need from the old site are still around, with some improvements. See http://manage.jujucharms.com/.

Also, the old GUI demo site, uistage.jujucharms.com, will be retired soon, and redirect to jujucharms.com. Meanwhile, if you want to follow along with our progress on a commit-by-commit basis, you are welcome to join us over at http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/. You may have to clear your cache regularly on that site, if you keep coming back: we are working through this code quickly. 🙂

And in that vein, the thing I’m most proud of is being a part of the team that is making this! Big thanks and congratulations to UX (esp. Alejandra Obregon and Luca Paulina), Curtis Hovey’s Orange squad, and the Juju UI team.

Bugfixes and new features are already in trunk, with more exciting things coming. Thanks for reading.


0.8.0 changelog highlights:

  • Update charm browser styling.
  • Add provider test result data and links
  • Charm browser shows lifetime downloads and commit counts.
  • Update service block design.
  • Fix deployment issues encountered for some charms, e.g. Marco Ceppi’s discource charm.
  • Fix Juju deployer export.
  • More drag and drop deployment refinement and fixes.
  • Many other small bugfixes.
  • Incremental progress on service inspector behind the serviceInspector feature flag.