jujucharms.com update

Following up on yesterday’s announcement of Juju GUI 0.8.1, today we have a new release of jujucharms.com that includes those fixes.

It also includes a number of redirects to be largely backwards compatible with existing links. For instance, links from pre-existing questions and from other sources should now work. Also, old links for charm authors and charm reviewers now redirect to the new location, away from http://jujucharms.com to http://manage.jujucharms.com. Examples include http://jujucharms.com/review-queue, http://jujucharms.com/interfaces, http://jujucharms.com/tools/proof-errors, http://jujucharms.com/recently-changed, and http://jujucharms.com/feed/charm-changes. Thank you to Curtis Hovey for arranging this fix!

In the “two steps forward, one step back” department, unfortunately this release highlighted an issue in our caching directives to the browser . If you have visited jujucharms.com earlier this week, you will initially see some new, unattractive styling. This will naturally clear out of the browser cache in a day or so. To correct immediately, simply do a “hard reload” (shift-control-r) of the browser. We will deploy a fix as soon as possible.