Juju GUI 0.8.2 and another jujucharms.com update

Today, we made a GUI release of 0.8.2 and another jujucharms.com update. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to describe a release that has a lot of fixes that will make people happy. For a quick summary, though, here are five highlights in my mind.

  • We stomped on a lot of different link issues in the charm browser (like these two).
  • Charm upgrades deal with browser caches better now. This is coming to jujucharms.com soon, though we did make this release much smoother in that regard.
  • We fixed the bug that made it impossible to destroy a service from the detail page.
  • More legacy URLs are fixed.
  • We made a lot of other small improvements, like showing when a charm is a subordinate.

Meanwhile some other changes were also made behind the scenes for upcoming features, which we will talk about soon.

We hope you enjoy it!