Weekly notes Aug. 16

Dev environments don’t match charm production

rick – bit on last release, 0.8 in prod, 0.10 in dev. How to avoid compiling,
but also keeping that sort of inline
jeff – dependency of dependency, contextify needs g++
jeff – production has a weird imagemagick issue, building sprites, solution was
to lock down node to 0.8. To resolve, update local dependencies, update node on
the charm, make sure it deploys properly.
rick – doesn’t match test environment.
jeff – precompile and send with charm, gary disagrees – prebuilt assets
rick – chase down why it needed to change
ben and jeff – contextify needed? Need dev story for building non-release
versions. Don’t really have a good answer beyond updating dependencies.
rick – should be documented, wasn’t. Don’t mind stuff breaking so long as it
also breaks in dev. No releases on friday!

End: be aware that we have oddities that suck, but we should be upgrading
dependencies to work in both environments


jeff – styles don’t make sense, and kind of all over the place
rick – done by Huw to standardize fonts, because they were all over the place.
meaningful class names are probably not possible, and it is grepable
jeff – at least a naming convention?
rick – patches welcome, but probably no more fonts

Service config

jeff – whenever we need charm config details, they’re stored in one format and
never used in that format – always parse them into another format. Input on
changing formats in model so we don’t have to post-process
ben/matt – it’s what juju sends (notably pyjuju)
aaron – it’s stored different even in the api, mongo, elasticsearch
jc – patches welcome!

Existing problem all over the ecology

failure messages to assertions

jeff – should have failure messages due to number of assertions in a test, the
expecting true to be false or undefined. Hard to tell without rerunning
benji – because test runner doesn’t report line number
rick – +1
Curtis – +1, docstring in test gets printed out in python.
matt – way forward?
rick – reviewers look for it
jeff – if test failure would be ambiguous, add a message

IE10 mini retrospective

tickets: all known issues are fix committed, though a few low-hanging fruit
rick – takeaway: QA in IE10 – autocomplete good example
matt – most branches, qa in ie10 for next few weeks, major features and releases from here on out

scaling and target units

jeff – target units only makes sense if we have target units stored somewhere in
the bootstrap node. if user refreshes, number will be incorrect, though current
units will be fine – ditto other users, won’t know where we’re scaling to.
Core doesn’t support it, could be annotation on service, this is our target
ben – more than just an interface decision, gui can’t do things cli can’t.
jeff – scaling story is broken and buggy. Ongoing story, need design in on it
ben – allocate resource, advocate core change (target unit in core)
curtis – core has their own agenda that we have to take into account
ben – next step is to get the right people in a conversation