Bugs vs Kanban

Problem statement: Our bug tracker does not track our work well.

Response: Yes, we think this is OK.

Proposed policy:

We make kanban cards for actions that should happen soonish, honoring the limits we’ve placed on non-feature card count so that we keep the kanban moderately gardened.

As always, we may file bugs for cards if we want more room to discuss, or if we want to upload artifacts, or if we want to use it as a broadcast mechanism.

We do file bugs for issues that we want to acknowledge but are not scheduling to address.

Bugs are a way to communicate to us.

All new bugs should be triaged in order to encourage good customer relations.  We need to address this.

If team members file a bug, they should immediately triage it or arrange for it to be triaged.

There are only three bug prorities we use: critical (hair is on fire! immediate action!), high (we have scheduled it and/or are tracking it on the kanban board), and low (we acknowledge it but have not scheduled it).

We don’t care about milestones, or associating bugs with milestones.  Our release notes are where we communicate progress to deeply inserested customers.

Next steps:

We should come up with a mechanism to make sure that new bugs are triaged.

We need to bring this up with Rick.