0.11.0 Juju GUI Release

As of last night, the 0.11.0 release is out (but not yet at jujucharms.com).  This one has some nice new features, a lot of good bugfixes, and a ton of work towards some almost-ready-to-release features.  Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

  • The inspector (and the GUI, for the first time) supports upgrading or downgrading a service’s charm.
  • The masthead’s UX is improved, notably giving a bit more room for the rest of the application.
  • Relations now display the names of both endpoints in the environment.
  • The GUI distribution is now about 1/9 the size it was before, speeding up deployment.
  • Recommended charms (and bundles) are now marked with a red triangle, per results from UX tests.
  • (FIX, CLEANUP) Service coordinates were being stored in three places, leading to confusion and bugs. This code was refactored, introducing many fixes to our service positioning behavior.
  • (FIX) If the charm browser were fully open to show charm details, and the browser was minimized and then reopened, the details page would be blank.
  • (FIX) The Go implementation of the sandbox always lost the first delta from the AllWatcher’s Next method.
  • (FIX) Bundle export should not include the number of units for subordinates.
  • (FIX) Inspector scale up input was disabled forever after value change.
  • (FIX) Charm details link was not working correctly from inspector.
  • (FIX) Unit details did not display exposed URL links properly.
  • (FIX) Position annotations are once again included in exports.
  • (FIX) New units added to the canvas no longer overlap old ones.
  • (FIX) The charm “code” tab in the charm browser now sorts filenames by directory and name, to make it easier to find a particular file. It also excludes the svg files from the list, since the rendering was less than valuable.
  • (CHARM FIX) This is actually a fix in the charm, but it is an important one that is worth calling out. In some environments, the GUI would break, not allowing proper inspection, export, or other basic behavior. This turned out to be because the new server had an issue with non-ascii values in some cases.
  • Behind the “charmworldv3” flag, bundle support is ready for demonstration, including browsing and deploying, in the sandbox and in a live environment. Tweaks, bug fixes, and some approved bundles should take us the rest of the way soon. This comprised a very large portion of the work behind this release.
  • Behind the “onboard” flag, the GUI has work to show helpful onboarding for new users.