Juju GUI 0.12.0: Bundles (beta)!

browsebundle Today we made a huge release for us: Juju GUI 0.12.0.  In arguably the biggest single new feature of the GUI since its release, the GUI now supports importing, exporting, browsing and deploying “bundles”. Bundles are collections of charms and their relations. You can export bundles using the export icon at the top of the GUI (an arrow pointing up out of a box) or shift-d. You can import them using the import icon (an arrow pointing into the box), by dragging yaml files from your computer and dropping then onto the environment, or by deploying bundles found in the store.

We believe these are ready to use, but we want more published bundles available in the browser, and we want to have a chance for people to give it a whirl and report back bugs.  Therefore, we are calling this feature “beta,” despite the fact that we do not show it as such in the GUI.

As ever, you can see where our trunk is on http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/.  We plan to update jujucharms.com soon.

If you want to try it out in your own Juju environment, check out the documentation…or check out our new Juju Quickstart plugin, described in a previous post!

hadoopbundleOther improvements to the GUI in this release include the following.

  • Add new build mode onboarding information for first time users.
  • Add the ability to deploy straight from quicksearch results.
  • Reduce the overall sprite and css sizes by more than half, speeding load time.
  • Remove footer from the UI and improve the header design providing more room
  • for the environment.
  • (FIX) Improve font rendering for OSX users.
  • (FIX) Correct the cookie warning layout.
  • (FIX) Fix IE10 reloading when upgrade charm is selected.

Congratulations and thanks to the whole GUI team on this release, who really worked hard to make this happen.