Juju Quickstart Plugin: alpha but useful

The GUI team has a tool in alpha that we think is useful now. It is an opinionated way to start a great Juju experience quickly. We’re looking for users and feedback from early releases.

What does it do now?

If you run the plugin from the commandline, it will bootstrap an environment, install the GUI in the quickest [1] and most efficient [2] way available, and open a web browser to let you see the GUI.

It also can be used in the same single command to deploy GUI environment exports that do not use local charms, and to deploy the very-soon-to-be-announced charm store bundles.

We have one known bug: quickstart fails if the bootstrap node is not running Precise (which usually means that default-series is not set to precise in the environment). We will be explicitly setting the bootstrap node to Precise (or eventually Trusty) in the future.

What will it do?

Within a couple of weeks, we’ll have the following functionality. This will be added incrementally.

When you run “juju-quickstart”, it will first install the ppa:juju/stable and Juju itself, if necessary; then, if necessary, it will guide you through (on the commandline) setting up credentials for a variety of supported clouds, as desired; then it will bootstrap a Juju instance, and install the GUI in the most quick and efficient way available; and finally it will open a webbrowser for you, showing the GUI and logging you in automatically. The bundle functionality described above will also be enhanced.

Moreover, it will always recognize when you already have progress. For instance, if you have Juju installed and credentials configured, it will then start to bootstrap. If you have already bootstrapped but not installed the GUI, it will install the GUI and log you in. If you have installed the GUI on a bootstrapped environment, it will simply open your browser and log you in.

How can I get it?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju-gui/quickstart-beta
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install juju-quickstart

Assuming you have Juju (juju-core) installed, now you can run “juju quickstart –help“ and learn what features are available today.

Once we are through alpha and beta phases, we plan to move the plugin to ppa:juju/stable, and then pursue main inclusion in Trusty.

Please give us feedback on the juju@lists.ubuntu.com list, on the juju-gui@lists.ubuntu.com list, or by filing a bug.

Thanks, and enjoy!

[1] On EC2, installing the GUI via the quickstart plugin adds less than a minute to bootstrapping. Installing it over the API is the quickest way right now because it does not download the charm to your local system and upload it to the environment, so that’s what we use.

[2] We install the GUI on the Juju state server, so it doesn’t add additional machines to your deployment, or additional time to wait for a new machine to spin up.