jujucharms.com update and Juju GUI 0.13.0 release (mostly bugfix)

The jujucharms.com site has been updated with the 0.13.0 Juju GUI release.  In addition to basic bundles available, bigger demonstration ones like this one or this one can show off some of what we can do.

Also, yes, that’s a new Juju GUI release.  0.13.0 is out the door.  It’s primarily a bugfix release.  Here’s the breakdown.

  • Added help and feedback menu to top right, replacing feedback link on side.
  • (FIX) The inspector tries to get out of your way when you are making a relation.
  • (CLEANUP) Bundle deployment instructions for using quickstart and juju deployer were clarified and brought up to date.
  • (FIX) Fix bundle visualization so that it does not occasionally clip.
  • (CHARM FIX) Charm now honors bundle deployment positioning.
  • (FIX) Services without positioning are less likely to be automatically positioned on top of themselves.
  • (FIX) Make sandbox bundle deployment positioning more reliable.
  • (CLEANUP) Remove remaining old unused notifications code.