Great speed improvements

Thanks to Matt Scott, we have some super speed and scaling improvements.

We discovered fairly recently that the inspector was not scaling well to large numbers of units.  We wanted to support at least 2000 units or so. You can see on that this wasn’t working very well.  If I go to and deploy a charm with 2000 units on my machine, it can take around half a minute before the inspector starts fully showing the units.  Furthermore, the interface hiccups every few seconds afterward, being unresponsive for two to four seconds every time.  Ouch.

Thanks to some work from Matt Scott, now the time to render the initial inspector with 2000 units is just over a second, and the subsequent hiccups are short to the point of being almost unnoticeable for me (and thanks to profiling work from Jeff Pihach, any hiccups at this stage are more likely to come from the simulator than anywhere else at this point, so it should not affect real environments).  Give it a try on!  Yes, you can still easily scale out far enough to bring your browser to its knees, but for our current scale goals, we’re looking much better.

For more explanation on what Matt did to speed things up, see the notes from today’s earlier post.