Weekly retrospective notes

Git transition

It’s done, and almost everyone has made a commit on the new tree.  No one is upset, most people are happy with the change, and we all give Rick Harding a big thank you.  Thanks!

Next steps are to send the Juju Core team an update with where we are.  There are a few warts with what we’ve done (notably the fact that our imoported history is ugly).  We find them acceptable, but if they want to fix some of them up, we’ll gladly ride on their coattails.

Where should our docs be?

We’ve kept our docs in readthedocs, but we don’t use them much, if ever.  Meanwhile, git does a really nice job of rendering Markdown and ReST itself.  Should we just embrace github’s docs and make sure that our links work in github?

Answer: yes.  Rick will make this work.  And we deleted the readthedocs site.

What magic did Matt Scott do to make the GUI’s inspector scale so much better to a couple thousand units?

Notes from Matt.  Thanks!

  • d3 wants its own objects (meaning, since everything is passed by reference, it’s better to wrap (see boundingbox in source code)).  Not using wrapped objects was the source of links showing up in the wrong sections (attributes on units were being overwritten due to units being refs)
  • d3 will be as efficient as possible in computing joins with data/enter/update/exit, but it will do so on in-memory data, not dom.  Tying things to the dom was the main source of slow-down – filter should have taken place on objects (first arg) rather than dom nodes (this).