Juju Quickstart 1.0 Released

The new 1.0 release of juju quickstart is available on the “juju stable packages” PPA:


You can do the following to get everything installed and create/start an environment with the GUI running and ready:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/stable
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install juju-quickstart
juju-quickstart [-i]

The change log includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Environments management support: allow for creating/editing Juju environments.
  • Improve SSH keys handling.
  • Unicode refactoring.
  • Improve machine errors handling.

The trusty package is also available, but must be considered experimental and right now it does not seem to be in a usable state.

A list of the problems we encountered using quickstart in trusty follows:

  • juju currently is not able to bootstrap an ec2 environment in trusty:
juju-quickstart: error: WARNING no tools available, attempting to retrieve from https://streams.canonical.com/juju
ERROR bootstrap failed: cannot find bootstrap tools: XML syntax error on line 9…

Bootstrapping with –upload-tools and then relaunching quickstart works well. This seems to be a juju-core problem: once solved, it will no longer affect quickstart.

  • There are also problems with trusty and LXC containers. Each time I tried to bootstrap a local environment I experienced machine errors due to missing symlinks or similar issues. Also in this case, fixing the problem should not require additional quickstart work.

That said, juju qucikstart is ready to be installed and tested, and with this release we think we achieved the goals we set for 1.0.
We appreciate any feedback; bugs can be filed here:

Many thanks!