Juju GUI 1.0 released!

Deploying a local charm via a .zip file.

Drag and drop the ghost.zip file.

Today we released the Juju GUI 1.0. It brings together several lines of work and we’re proud of what the GUI has grown into. Here’s looking forward to 2.0.

The update to 1.0 brings:

Local charm deploys are now supported. Drag-n-drop a zip file of your charm onto the canvas to deploy it. This requires the in development version of Juju 1.17.3.

New relation line visualization. Multiple relations are now grouped into a single line. The line color helps indicate relation health and a popup is available to interact with the relations.

Remove the bws prefixes from the tabs in the details view. Note this changes urls to specific tabs. The old urls are respected but are deprecated. Please update your bookmarks.

Notifier users when the window size is too small to work with effectively.

Auto open and close the browser when interacting with the inspector.

Safari has been added to CI and the test suite. Local charm support is still be be completed in the next release. At that point it will become an officially supported browser.

(FIX) allow use of local web fonts to enable better offline support.