Weekly Retrospective – Week of March 10

Jeff – every js file has a test file associated with it. We could entertain the
idea of creating more descriptive subdirectories, within each subdir have tests
folder, those tests would be responsible for the module in there. Lots of tests
touch too much. Decentralizing tests could help us write better tests with more
coverage. Benji bring sup that it makes grepping for things harder, but not so
much as to be a -1. Rick: switching over could be expensive, and build step
would need to be modified to account for that – investigate work involved.

Monkey patch before/after – Jeff – If you don’t provide before/after, they won’t
be monkey patched. Be aware that there’s no default call if you don’t include
an afterEach for cleanup. There should be a bug to have a base afterEach that
runs cleanups, or at least warns about that.

Dropping charm on service block – Jeff and Matt – if you drag something onto the
canvas and drop it on the service block it acts like dropping a file in the
browser, leads to download. Should we bubble? Can we do an invisible overlay?
Apparently not, there’s an issue with it working only in chrome. Decided on
canvas only. Lets file it as a bug – if we can fix it, verify, but if we
can’t, can we at least reject the drop? Investigate.

Add deps into modules-debug – Jeff – Our loader file doesn’t parse nested
requires, explicitly add module into the use section which is for a sub
dependency. Add requires into modules-debug list to avoid recursion.