Juju GUI weekly retrospective.

This week’s retrospective includes a couple of discussions.

We’ve been creating feature flags across the work we’ve been doing beyond the initial two documented and shared with others to help follow along our progress. This hurts in two ways. First, others can’t follow along with out progress as they don’t know what flags to use. Second, it hurts ourselves as we don’t see the different chunks of code working and interacting together. This could lead to more time required to bring tasks together as we drop flags and release features. The end result is that we love feature flags, but we need to keep the limited as much as possible.

Secondly, deployments are good and everyone should be able to do one. It’s not something that should be limited to one or two folks as deployments are sometimes required at odd times due to critical situations. We all agree that everyone should try to do a deploy and Matt stepped up to be the first to try a deploy next week.