Jujucharms.com large sweeping update #1


We released a really big update to the jujucharms.com website today. Weeks of hard work from the team and the site now includes a number of great improvements.

Since the original launch we’ve fixed a number of bugs and:

  • The Juju docs are now relocated and searchable as part of the new site.
  • A new community page where we’ll be building off a suite of community information and tools.
  • A big set of performance improvements from the original launch including better use of cache headers, great improvements to the back end api, and minimized requests across the board.

I have to say the team kicked butt in getting this set of improvements out and it’ll only get better from here as we work towards a weekly release cadence.

If you find any issues please make sure to file them in our issue tracker https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/jujucharms.com

Long live the new home of Juju!