New release Dec 10th

Jujucharms.comPlease help us welcome the latest update to It comes with updates from the front end through to the back end along with the latest Juju GUI.

Some notable updates to catch:

  • Add blog support.
  • Fix ‘show more’ revisions link on the details page.
  • Correct the bug link in the footer to the correct location.
  • Add sorting for search results.
  • Redesign the ‘Get started’ page.
  • Import loegacy download stats for charms (bundles coming in next release)
  • Improve search results rankings.
  • Improve charm icons by auto adding viewbox attribute when missing.
  • UI tweaks in the Juju GUI  for the Inspector, Canvas, and Machine View.
  • Add animations to the Added Services bar interactions.

As always, please try it out and let us know about any issues or suggestions you have at: