New release, Holiday Edition!


With the holiday’s approaching the team squeezed one one last update to before everyone takes a well deserved break with friends and family. This release is a small bit of polish. Changes include:

  • Update many views and static file serving to have proper cache headers so browsers will cache/speed things up.
  • Shrink the sizes of many of the large static assets to shrink up the page load hits.
  • Lazy load charm icons on the /solutions page and search results to help make for a better loading experience.
  • Update to now include bundle download stats as well as fixing the bug in the stats on the older versions of charms.
  • Along with a handful of small bug fixes since our release last week.

As always, please try it out and let us know about any issues or suggestions you have at:

The Juju UI Engineering team wants to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and we’ll have another suite of updates ready for you all to enjoy next year!