New release Jan 14th

The Juju UI Engineering is happy to survive another “release the code!” day. Today we’ve pushed updates across the services provided. Some interesting bits include:

  • Added support for twitter cards when sharing (not complete we still have to finish registration of the site with twitter)
  • Clean up duplicate search results
  • Improve the bundle visualizations (there’s one more fix coming to finish that work)
  • A number of other bug fixes on the front end.
  • Ensure that stats and revision history are consistent with other back ends.
  • Update the demo GUI to the release hot off the presses 1.3.0.

We’ll be doing one small release again tomorrow. We’ve found that there’s a bug in our Juju docs updating that wasn’t quite fixed all the way that we’ll get into a tiny release update tomorrow.

New charmstore API:

One thing to mention is that we’re now ready for all of you to start using the new charmstore API. It’s what we use to power the website and are working to update the Juju GUI to use for all it’s data needs. You can find api docs for the API at:

Please feel free to use this API for all your scripts and tooling. If you have any questions on using the API make sure to stop by the #juju-gui irc channel and ask. We’ll be happy to help.

We’ll be looking to release a python client for the API very soon and we’re working to make sure the use of the API in the GUI is done in a way that we can pull out a JS based API client as well. Once those are released we’ll send an email and welcome any updates and improvements to those clients. If you want to beta test those, again, hit us up in irc and we’ll be happy to get your some early access.

Thanks for the great support everyone and we hope today’s releases of the updated GUI, Quickstart, and are welcome improvements! As always, please try it out and let us know about any issues or suggestions you have at: