Juju GUI release 1.3.3 out, get your bug fixes.

Our Juju GUI release 1.3.2 last week brought out some bugs that we ironed out. Make sure to upgrade to get all the yummy bug fixes. To upgrade make sure to:

juju upgrade-charm juju-gui
juju set juju-gui “juju-gui-source=1.3.3”


  • (FIX) bug #1428751: prevent incorrect lowercasing of config options.
  • (FIX) bug #1427162: Show local charm icon in inspector.
  • Downconvert apiv4 bundle yaml to apiv3 format temporarily to fix issue with multiple bundles per yaml.
  • (FIX) Show charm details using the available data if it’s a local charm.

The charm has also been upgraded. We’ve finally removed the old apache/haproxy legacy server built into the GUI charm. We also fixed up the git branch support which had a regression in there.

As always, make sure to let us know if you hit any issues by filing a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui and enjoy the release!