Juju GUI 1.4.0 “Un Committal” Release

For the past two months we’ve been working on adding one of the highest requested features to date, uncommitted bundles.

When we added the Deployer Bar, which allowed you to create and modify your environment before sending the changes to your live Juju environment, bundle support was absent. With this release you are now able to deploy a bundle from the Charm Browser, dragging and dropping or importing a bundle file, and then being able to modify it before deploying to your environment.

This allows you to modify everything from configuration values, machine placement and scalability, to what services get deployed. Below you’ll find a short video which guides you through using this functionality so that you can take full advantage of this great feature.

To upgrade an existing deployment:

juju upgrade-charm juju-gui
juju set juju-gui “juju-gui-source=1.4.0″

To deploy fresh:

juju deploy juju-gui

If you would like to request other features, have any questions, or run into any bugs, you can find us…

IRC: freenode.net #juju and #juju-gui
Twitter: @jujuui
Email: juju@lists.ubuntu.com
Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui