Juju GUI 1.4.1 – Now even less committal!

Just kidding.  We’re pretty committed to providing a really neat and useful visual front end to your juju environment.  This latest release mostly includes some fixes to the ways in which uncommitted bundles work.

  • Config values specified within bundles now behave as expected in the ghost inspector.
  • Still have some older, V3 bundles laying around?  Legacy support is now included for uncommitted bundles, so you can use the GUI as well as the deployer to send them to your environment.
  • While we’re on the note of the deployer, if you deploy a bundle through the deployer using juju-quickstart, you will once again receive notifications about the status of the deployment inside the GUI.
  • Plus: tons of code removed, just to help slim things down (bye-bye, pyjuju support); switching from LESS to SCSS for styling; and wrapping external modules in YUI wrappers so that we can combo-load them more easily.

To upgrade an existing deployment:

juju upgrade-charm juju-gui
juju set juju-gui "juju-gui-source=1.4.1"

To deploy fresh:

juju deploy juju-gui

If you would like to request other features, have any questions, or run into any bugs, you can find us…

IRC: freenode.net #juju and #juju-gui
Twitter: @jujuui
Email: juju@lists.ubuntu.com
Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui