Juju GUI 2.0 Beta released 

We are really happy to announce availability of the new and shiny beta version of Juju GUI 2.0 with completely redesigned and rewritten user interface and improved user experience. The new GUI introduces:

  • redesigned canvas, relation management and charm handling with the new inspector,
  • improved integration with the charm store, unifying the web experience at jujucharms.com,
  • new machine view with drag’n’drop functionality – allocating units has never been easier,
  • creation and switching between models within a controller, and
  • new bundle deploys.

Not much has stayed the same, so it’s best if you give the new GUI a try yourself.

We’re aware of the small details that need polish before we close the beta, but we’d like to make the 2.0 release rock solid and therefore would appreciate as much feedback from you as possible. Should you discover a bug, use the GitHub issue tracker to file a report. Please provide as much information as possible, e.g. the cloud provider, the output of ‘juju version’, steps made, errors from the browser console, etc.

Machine view Model Empty canvas Store

The major changes for this release are:

GUI with controllers and models

If you would like to test the GUI against a Juju controller, the JES feature flag needs to be enabled before bootstrapping. This will enable you to create, list and manage models directly from the GUI.

juju bootstrap

Deploying the Juju GUI 2.0 beta

Juju 1.25 or older

The charm is available via the charmstore URL cs:~yellow/trusty/juju-gui and at https://jujucharms.com/u/yellow/juju-gui on the web. Just do the usual:

juju deploy cs:~yellow/juju-gui

Juju master (1.26 alphas)

Recent Juju builds support a new publishing mechanism and can properly parse URLs with the development channel. If you’re using recent Juju builds, bootstrap a controller on a cloud of your choice and use the development version of the promulgated Juju GUI charm located at cs:development/juju-gui or https://jujucharms.com/development/juju-gui on the web. You can deploy the development version of the charm with:

juju deploy cs:development/juju-gui

You should see a response similar to:

Added charm “cs:development/trusty/juju-gui-42” to the environment.
Deploying charm “cs:development/trusty/juju-gui-42” with the charm series “trusty”.


We hope you find the new GUI easier to use and find the layout to be more intuitive. Enjoy using it and let us know what you think!