Update to jujucharms.com

Update details

Yesterday the Juju UI Engineering team updated jujucharms.com with some improvements we hope you find interesting and useful.  The highlights are:

Improved getting started page

The Juju installation instructions have been re-written to be more straightforward and the page is more welcoming.

Community cards

In order to allow charm and bundle authors an engaging way to promote their work, we’ve introduced cards, a slug of Javascript and HTML that can be embedded into a web site which will then serve a visual representation of the charm or bundle. The details are fetched from our servers so the data will always be up-to-date.  Change your bundle and the representation of it on your blog will be updated for future visitors.

Madison has written a blog post demonstrating their use.

Note that this first implementation is Javascript-based and therefore will not work in every environment, specifically platforms that block the use of embedded Javascript.

Improved topic pages (e.g. big data)

A cleaner design utilizing the cards for each bundle presented.

Charm labeling on bundle visualisations.

Previously the rendered image for a bundle only showed the service icons which could be confusing as there was no way to intuit the role each service played. Now we are labeling each service with the custom name so you can easily identify master/slave relationships, for example.


If you have questions or comments on these changes, you can find us in #juju-gui on Freenode or respond here.

If you find a bug please file it at https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/jujucharms.com/issues