Juju GUI 2.1.1 released


As a quick follow up to the Juju GUI 2.1.0 release we’ve got a patch release for the Juju GUI making sure that we keep the Juju GUI interactions transparent when working with either Juju or the Juju 2 beta. Along with this release we’ve added a few additional bug and usability fixes:

  • If you have uncommitted changes we now warn you when switching models so you don’t lose your changes accidentally. We will be working towards persisting this data in the future.
  • Disable container and machine creation buttons until we’ve collected enough information to successfully create the machine.
  • Added language and content direction flags so that the input fields work better for users using rtl languages.

To upgrade an existing deployment:

juju upgrade-charm juju-gui

To deploy this release into your model:

juju deploy juju-gui

If you find any issues or have any feedback for the Juju GUI we’d love to hear it. Please let us know in our github repository https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/issues and we’ll be sure to get back to you.