Juju & JAAS Beta updates: Juju GUI 2.6.0

With the public beta release of Juju As A Service (JAAS) on jujucharms.com we’ve been working hard to implement solutions in the Juju GUI to resolve a number of outstanding feature requests from our users. Let’s walk through some highlights.

Updated Search Results

We now make it a lot easier to find applications and solutions by others in the community by including those results in the default search results. Simply perform a search, click the community button to see what others in the community have made available.

Deploying private content from the GUI

While developing new charms and bundles, it’s nice to keep them private, we now allow you to easily deploy private charms and bundles from your user profile page.

New Account Page

For those of you with multiple credentials across multiple clouds we’ve added a new account page which allows you to easily manage them in one location. The account page can be accessed from the user dropdown in the top right. Credentials can be added and removed from here as well as in the deployment flow as usual.

Terms and Conditions Support

When installing software it’s common to see a terms and conditions dialogue before you’re able to continue. We’ve now made it extremely easy to view and agree to terms and conditions while deploying charms and bundles. When deploying a charm that requires a term agreement the terms will be presented in the deployment flow prior to being allowed to deploy.

For those on JAAS you’re already running the latest GUI.

If you’ve bootstrapped your own controller you can upgrade to the latest Juju GUI with:

    juju upgrade-gui

We welcome any feedback you may have. You can chat with us in #juju on irc.freenode.net or you can file issues at: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/issues