'one var' rule meets the debugger 

We’ve gone back-and-forth over a somewhat trivial style issue over variable declarations in Javascript.  One var per variable or multiple variables per var?

var foo = this.makeFoo(),
bar = this.makeBar(),


var foo = this.makeFoo();
var bar = this.makeBar();
var baz;

For purely aesthetic reasons it has been argued, and adopted, that the first form is better.  Today I encountered a technical reason to use the latter:  granularity within the debugger.  In the first example, you can only set a breakpoint at the beginning of the var declaration and you cannot just examine the makeBar function call, you’d be forced to step into makeFoo and then step out before getting a chance to examine makeBar.  In the second example you can set a breakpoint right there and skip the other calls.

Should demonstrated added functionality trump aesthetics?  Something to consider if this point is raised again.